Another Sporadic Blog Post

Home watching Dateline and waiting for my artichokes to steam.  I’m attempting this recipe:

I have never even bought artichokes before, let alone attempt to cook them, but they were on sale at Ralphs and I’m a sucker for a bargain.  I like artichoke dip and artichoke hearts, so I should like this right? Right? :-S

Skipped the gym tonight but I did a dumbbell workout from I bought a pair over the weekend from Target (thanks to Tim for carrying them home (L) ), and they’ve been a great investment so far.  Working with free weights is a whole lot different than working on the machines; my muscles feel that difference immediately.

Thanksgiving in Boston (2006)

Thanksgiving in Boston (2006)

Before I went to Ralphs, I stopped by Ross to just browse around knowing that the lines would be fairly short. It’s simply hellish otherwise.  They had just finished putting out all their Christmas stuff and oh man, I was in heaven.

I know it’s only October, but I nearly bought a handful of Christmas decorations including stockings and a wreath.  They also had a lot of Halloween/Autumn/Thanksgiving themed items out that caught my eye too.  I’m not a religious person, but I simply love  (L) the holiday season, especially the decorations.  It’s probably because I’m an artisitc person, and also because the change in season was so much more apparent back east.  I’m not just talking about the weather.  Trees became gold, red, and orange and so did everything else.  People put out dried Indian corn, bales of hay and stacks of wheat. Pumpkins, squashes, and other gourds graced porch steps, and as October quickly became December, decorations were changed to smiling snowmen and dangling candy canes, rich garlands of dried cranberries and sharp holly, shimmering icicles, pine needles and warm, sugary candles.  And this isn’t just in people’s homes; it’s everywhere you go!

I really miss all this.  Los Angeles isn’t the most “festive” or “seasonal” city considering it’s pretty warm and sunny all year round. That’s not going to stop me from decorating though! :-D

P.S. So much for my attempt to start blogging again.  It took me over 12 hours to finish this post!  Got distracted by my artichokes… :-(