Today’s Tweets (11/29)

  • – Soft all over #
  • is a night owl. #
  • @ideasbychuck What times is it running? I may check it out if I’m in the area. So nice today! in reply to ideasbychuck #
  • Hard to believe it’s nearly December when it’s so bright, sunny and warm outside! <3 L.A. #
  • Wii games are buy 1, get 1 50% off at Toys ‘R Us. Can’t justify the purchase since I haven’t finish Super Mario Galaxy, but so tempted! #
  • Still warm and very breezy out, like an early summer night. Bliss! #
  • I know what I need and I need it fast. #
  • Free shipping at ThinkGeek today only! Why do I want to buy stuff when there’s no stuff I need?! Why!! #

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