Kelly Osborne is Doing it Right

Have you seen Kelly Osborne lately? She’s lost 42 lbs and looks great.  The best part? She did it all through diet and exercise.

She can afford to turn to liposuction or hiring an intense personal trainer, but she did it gradually in a way that allowed her to stick with it and eventually grow to love it and make it a part of her life.

I completely agree with what she had to say about workout out:

“After DWTS ended I followed the Bar Method and now I do that three times a week at least. Not every day. I don’t have that kind of dedication. Working out sucks. You sweat and you stick, but then you’re done — and then you see that just taking an hour three times a week can change you so much. It becomes addictive.”

It is addictive! Now that I’m doing the most intense workouts of my life, I do find myself cursing the heavens before each routine.  But once it’s done, you feel great, like you’ve conquered the world. You did it! You got through it and you almost didn’t even start.  That feeling coupled with the fact that it doesn’t take that much time to see results is something that will keep you going and going.

You can see pics and read more about Kelly’s transformation on the FitSugar website.

Note: The Bar Method Kelly mentions is very similar to and has the same concepts as the Callanetics that I am doing.