Cambodian Steamed Sugar Pumpkin Custard

Thanks to a recent question on my blog, I am putting up this long overdue post.


This past Thanksgiving, for a bit of ethnic flair to our traditional holiday dinner, I decided to make a Cambodian dish consisting of steamed pumpkin filled with a coconut custard.  My mother would make it often but she would use a buttercup squash instead.

The ingredients are very simple: a buttercup squash or sugar pumpkin, eggs, coconut milk, sugar, and a pinch of salt (optional).

I had a recipe in my Cambodian cookbook, The Elephant Walk Cookbook, but I also found a recipe online. Both were very similar but I combined elements from each.  From the cookbook, I wrapped my sugar pumpkin with aluminum foil during steaming to better hold the shape together.  Make sure not to fold the foil over and to leave it open at the top.  I also heated up the coconut milk before mixing in the other ingredients along with a pinch of salt.  Besides these changes, you can follow the steps outlined by the recipe halfway down here at Asian Grandmothers Cookbook.

I love the simplicity and deliciousness of this dish and am looking for an opportunity where I can show it off and bring it to a party of some sort.  Enjoy!