Hideous Without Makeup?

A couple weeks ago, a friend shared a link on Facebook to an article titled “Chinese Girls With & Without Their Makeup.” The intro for this photoset stated “Not much to explain…without makeup, they’re either aunties or monsters, even possibly men.”

Monsters? C’mon, that’s a bit of a stretch, but I will concede that makeup can dramatically change one’s appearance, and that’s why I don’t often wear it.  I’m fine with the way I look without it and don’t want to put something else out there and then have to maintain it.  I usually reserve makeup for when I go out at night during the weekends.  In those photo sets, a lot of the Asian girls are using false lashes and eyelid tape/glue plus circle lenses which can totally change the shape of your eyes – why would you want to look like someone else?

Last night, in a fit of boredom, I did my own “Before and After” after applying some quick makeup.  I don’t think I look all that different though in the second set I tried to take a “bad” before picture and made a stupid “sexy face” for the after.  A lot of it is about angles and lighting in addition to makeup, and with professional photos, a bit of Photoshop goes a long way!

Without and with makeup on

Without and with makeup on

And the “dramatic” before and after:

Ill never go outside without makeup again ... yeah right!

I'll never go outside without makeup again ... yeah right!

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    who said that you look sexy on the “after” picture? u look hideous on that one too! may i say, r u gay? 'cause you look like you are!