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I spend a lot of time at Deals.Woot.  It’s an online community of user-submitted online deals, secret sales and coupon codes.  Additionally, they have 5 daily sponsored deals at the top.  A couple weeks ago, one of those sponsored deals was for a “Sterling Silver Tennis Bracelet With Sparkling Diamond Accents” from  At only $24.99 with free shipping, I ordered one with the intention of giving it as a Christmas gift.

Shipping was quick and I received it in a few days from New York.  The product page for the bracelet said it had a suggested retail price of $199.99 and was rhodium-plated sterling silver with diamond accents totaling 0.8 carats.  Here’s a picture from Shadora:

Sterling Silver Tennis Bracelet with Sparking Diamond Accents from

Sterling Silver Tennis Bracelet with Sparking Diamond Accents from

Here’s a photo of what I received:

A photo of my first purchase from, a silver tennis bracelet

A photo of my first purchase from, a silver tennis bracelet

I think it looks pretty similar and it’s what I expected for $25. Of course, not once did I believe nor did I expect to receive something worth $200—that’s just marketing 101 with jacked-up retail prices.  The bracelet is really light, lacking the solid weight of higher quality jewelry, but I’m satisfied with it.  This isn’t the case with other Wooters who jumped on the deal though.  One called it “quarter machine junk” and another stated that it was “pretty much garbage” and that “the diamond chips are hardly distinguishable from the surrounding silver.”  I noticed this last point right away; the promoted diamond accents are few and far between and instead of diamond chips, some of the links have flat silver discs instead:

There are more metal discs than diamond accents on my bracelet.

There are more metal discs than diamond accents on my bracelet.

Despite this, I still liked the bracelet and enjoyed the fast, free shipping.  I decided to keep checking to see if anything else interesting pops up (their selection changes often) and I saw a gold tennis bracelet for $24.99.  Since gold looks better on my skin and I was all of a sudden enamored with the thought of having a tennis bracelet, I bought the “1/8 Carat Diamond Tennis Bracelet in 18K Gold-Plated 925 Sterling Silver.”  Here’s the photo they had up on their website:

1/8 Carat Diamond Tennis Bracelet in 18K Gold-Plated 925 Sterling Silver from Shadora.com1/8 Carat Diamond Tennis Bracelet in 18K Gold-Plated 925 Sterling Silver from

1/8 Carat Diamond Tennis Bracelet in 18K Gold-Plated 925 Sterling Silver from

The only write-up they had for this bracelet was “Frost yourself with some ice” and from the picture, it looked like a basic, pretty bracelet.  I also thought from the picture that those stones were solid pieces, either a solid chunk of diamond (or simulated diamond, I didn’t really care at that price) or just pieces of diamond chips bundled together.  I received my bracelet today and was really surprised and immediately disappointed.  The “diamonds” are mainly just silver balls.  It looks really bad and cheap to me and reminds me of balled-up aluminum foil.  Here’s a close-up photo in natural light:

This is not what I expected at all.

This is not what I expected at all.

Only 13 out of about 44 links (yes, I counted) have a “diamond” chip and it’s tiny with no brilliance or sparkle at all.  They look like embedded pieces of kosher salt to me!  The entire bracelet itself is not only very light and flimsy feeling, but it hardly has any sparkle or shine.  It really is as if you’ve made yourself a bracelet out of aluminum foil.

A detailed view of the links in my tennis bracelet.

A detailed view of the links in my tennis bracelet.

It should be noted that this bracelet photographs much better than it looks in real life.  A camera’s lens is able to pick up more light and under the right conditions, this bracelet almost looks wearable in photographs.  Today was one of those very bright, white overcast days and I was surprised to see that my photos hardly looked anything like the bracelet does in real life:

Looks pretty shiny here but that is not the case in real life.

Looks pretty shiny here but that is not the case in real life.

I am really disappointed with this purchase and have done something I rarely do: I asked for a refund!  I shop online all the time and more often than not, if something doesn’t fit right or isn’t what I expected, I usually am too lazy to go through the refund and return process.  Most of the things I buy online are pretty cheap to being with so it’s no big loss, and others who may have bought a $25 item from may feel the same way, but not me!  I can’t believe how bad this bracelet is.  It’s like something that would come in a cheap, Chinese-made princess dress-up kit for little girls.  I’ve already emailed them requesting an RMA number, which they stated is necessary for returns, and now I’m keeping my fingers crossed hoping that this process goes smoothly.  I’ll update this post if anything happens.

Update: Shadora emailed me the next day with the RMA instruction and form and I mailed my bracelet back using recycled packaging so I was out just $5.44 for the return postage.  They sent me an email once they received my package, were very professional and understanding, and stated that my refund was processed.  I haven’t seen anything in my bank statement yet but I know how these things work and it could take a few days to show up.  So far, I’m quite happy with Shadora’s return process.

Update #2: My full refund has posted to my bank account.  So the timeline of events:

Ordered on Thursday, November 18th.
Received on Tuesday, November 22nd. Requested RMA Tuesday afternoon via email.
Received RMA and return instructions Wednesday morning, November 23rd. Mailed back package.
(Thursday was Thanksgiving and Friday is typically a non-working day also)
Informed on Monday the 29th that my package was received and my refund was processed.
Saw the credit to my bank account on Tuesday, November 30th.

Conclusion: The refund process was hassle-free. Will I order from again? Maybe.  The bottom line is that their prices are really low and there’s a reason for that.  Their items are really hit-or-miss and though you can easily return something, bare in mind the cost of returning it such as postage, packaging, and your time.

Update 1/7/2011: I gave Shadora another try when they once again had a sponsored deal up on Deals.Woot.  It was for their “2 Carat Blue Topaz Stud Earrings in Sterling Silver or 14K Gold Plated Silver” at $7.99 a pair with free shipping.  I chose the gold-plated version.  Here’s the picture they had on their website:

2 Carat Blue Topaz Stud Earrings in Sterling Silver or 14K Gold Plated Silver from

2 Carat Blue Topaz Stud Earrings in Sterling Silver or 14K Gold Plated Silver from

I received the earrings a couple days ago and am quite happy with them.  They don’t look as blue as they do in that picture above with the center appearing to be a more clear/watery blue which radiates into a deeper blue edge.  However, I actually prefer it this way since blue isn’t really my color and I like the subtle blue glow.  Here’s a picture of a topaz ring they had up earlier which is more accurate in color to these earrings:

Topaz ring in a lighter blue more like the earrings in real life

Topaz ring in a lighter blue more like the earrings in real life

Also, the backings and basket seem very well built and secure.  I’ll try to post pictures up soon. (Click here for the full review with photos.) I have a more expensive pair of very sparkly CZ studs that I got from Overstock ages ago and though I love them they hardly get worn because the backing always comes loose!

  • Skippyalpine

    Thanks for your review. I was about to drop $100 with this folks for a one carrot diamond tennis bracelet. Think I'll pass.

    • Tim

      Buy it and feed it to a rabbit – they love carrots!

      • Bamgirl7

        People, please, please, before ordering anything online, when you see the company has no address or telephone number to call/write and only have email for contact, “Please do not order anything”!!.  This is a serious RED FLAG!!!!… There are companies that have telephone number and address and still give problems.  However, when you see no address and telephone number it's a definate NO!! DO NOT ORDER!

  • Qnessad

    I unfort have had a very similar experiance but with a pearl like bracelet, looks like someone went and cut each “pearl” into 1/4 and some into 1/2s. I cant even give this to a blind person u can feel all the lines or cuts whatever happened to this thing. I requested a rma# this morning i still havent heard from them. Very disappointed, i only make minimal wage work full time and go to school part time, i dont have the money nor the time to buy half my presents all over again. This sucks!!!

    • vuthy

      I hope your refund process went as smoothly as mine did. It is always quite upsetting to receive something that's completely not what you expected, especially if it's meant to be a gift. Good luck!

  • castleclifton

    Hi, loved your comprehensive reviews – you probably saved me $109 for a black and regular diamond infinity bracelet. Love the style, but was thinking if I wanted to spend $109 I could probably buy at Wal-Mart, Sam's Club or K-Mart during their 60 percent off on gold and fine jewelry sale.

    You might like this site. Free sterling silver jewelry (shipping and handling are $6.99 per item) with four items featured every 15 minutes. The ring I got looks really decent. The earrings — well not so much.


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  • Bookbabe

    Thanks for your reviews. I recently ordered something (haven't gotten it yet) but it's still nice to see what other people experience with a company.

    • vuthy

      You're very welcomed and please let me know what you think once you get your order. It's hard to find other Shadora reviews online. There's been a few things I've wanted to buy since but I've been afraid of the hit-or-miss quality. :-/

  • Jasmine-flower

    Oh for godsake what do you expect for those prices? Factor in labour costs and raw materials etc etc and the prices are rock bottom – I don't know how they do it. Personaly, I would never buy diamonds set in silver for a start but that is a different matter. I can't believe this article!!!

    • vuthy

      I don't quite understand what you're trying to say. What is it that you don't believe?

      • ThanksfromARK

        I think Jasmine is trying to say she is better than us but obviously she considered shadora if she was looking at your blog for reviews!! I don't know what she can't believe either but I'm glad you took the time to write about what you bought and took photos. I'm going to buy a pair of earrings it's so cheap and a nice little treat! No one here said they were expecting Tiffany's!

    • ConchHut

      Jasmine, I can't believe your rude, snotty post, to this kind, honest person! She's doing a great service to a LOT of us, looking for info about Shadora! Oh for Godsake, who do YOU think you are? I hope you realize how pathetic & rude YOU appear to the rest of us. I wish people like you had the guts to say things like this, to a real person's face. Bet a $100 you wouldn't. Please learn some *netiquette* Jasmine, before posting such rude, ill mannered comments. Flaming such as this this, is so childish…

      I totally appreciate such a wonderfully, honest, in-depth review of Shandora…Thank you!

    • kizzle

      Jasmine, just go away. Far, far away from here.

  • AnonGirl

    Thank you very much for the well thought out reviews! Just the info I was looking for, and the pictures are also very helpful.

  • Shelly

    Hi, I have ordered about half a dozen thing from Shadora and have been extremly happy with what I recieved for the price. And shipping has been very fast.

  • krsna hemant

    Nice article. I Very happy with the purchase from , i have my ear pieced all the way at the top and looks so good.

  • MCR0125

    This is exactly the information I was looking for when I searched for Shadora reviews. Thank you for taking time to tell the rest of us about your experience with this company. You're absolutely right about not expecting brilliant diamonds, etc. for their prices. This is 'just my speed' as far as my budget for jewelry! Thank you again!

  • beachbum55

    Thank You for taking the time and wonderful clear photos of what You received. I am looking at the 16″ silver chain with Peace Sign or Starfish Charm but not where do they tell you how large the 'Starfish' or 'Peace-Sign' is. I am not expecting jewelry store quality since it is for a 12 year old but I'm worried the charm, medallion?? whatever you call it will be some tiny little thing which I don't want. I don't know why they can't tell you the size of what is hanging on the chain. I also wish the chain was 18″ like most. I know $15.00 isn't a lot of money but in these times I don't want to throw $15.00 away nor insult my little niece with a tiny little starfish.

  • Jacque Gardner

    Does anybody have Shadora Jewelry's physical and/or mailing address? I am attempting to return a tennis bracelet that I purchased.

    Thank you very much.

    • vuthy

      Have you tried asking them directly?

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  • Moneyrule79

    Amazing review, thank you so much !!!! =)

  • Marswen

    While your points are accurate and useful to some you seem to not be understanding a key concept. Have you ever seen what a 1 ct diamond looks like..its not THAT big so when you order something from them maybe you should READ the information about that particular item. If the total ct weight for diamond is less then .50 you should never expect full diamond coverage on the item or for it to look super amazing once you have it. ask any jeweler they will tell you anything less than .50 is hardly noticeable and is considered an accent for a reason. For example the tennis bracelet you purchased it told you the total carat weight was 1/8th ct so for you to expect diamonds to be every where is kind of silly. My real point here is read and think about something first before you buy it, It will save you the disappointment.

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  • barryboman

    I like to visited Shadora website. It is a nice website for jewellery shopping. I like the bracelet designs and rings pattern.

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  • Misaacmom

    I purchased a nice sterling set for my 11 yo.  I am very, very pleased with the quality and usually with jewelry I am very, very picky

  • black diamond earrings

    The reviews and photos shows high look as well as well supported collections of design approach. for this set of the jewels items like diamond chip of bracelets and colored diamond jewelry earrings are very nice look .

  • Chalsae

    I agree with you! Not quality jewelry what so ever! I ordered a black diamond pendant, not only was there a missing stone out of it, the “diamonds” looked like those metal disks instead of chips. Crap stuff!

  • jewelry appraisers

    Interesting read!  Diamonds is hardest thing in world but its best friend of girl have soft heart for Diamonds.

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  • Lindacc_2005

    I ordered a sliver bracelet from Shadora and it was not what I expected. However, I found the same bracelet at and it was alot better in quality and price.

  • tracy

    All the pics are superb.These bracelet are really gorgeous.I want all these.One of the best blogs I’ve read. Will definitely recommend to others. Good work.

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  • Kelly

    Seems like trash to me.