Green Soups and Gone Girls

Jake at Go Dog LA

Jake at Go Dog LA

The above photo is one of many courtesy of Go Dog LA showing Jake during his boarding stay.  It has nothing to do with this post; I just like leading off with an interesting photo. ;-)

Actually, this post has nothing to do with anything.  I haven’t been blogging much, but tonight though, I wanted to jot some thoughts down.  In no particular order:

I just finished Gone Girl, the hot novel of the past year or so.  I’m not sure if I like it.  I stumbled across a list on goodreads titled “Top Books of the Summer” (more or less) and noticed that I’ve read all of the top 3 recently: Divergent, The Fault in Our Stars and now, Gone Girl.  I didn’t find any of them all that exciting.  I’m eager for The Winds of Winter and the next book in the Angelfall series.  Also, I think the trilogy for The Passage should be wrapping up next year.

I made Anna Thomas’ Green Soup tonight after seeing it in an issue of Reader’s Digest earlier this year.  I used kale instead of chard, and added nearly an entire head of garlic.  I also used A LOT of cayenne pepper.  Like everyone who has made it, I like it!  It has potential for a lot of yummy variations and would be delicious with some cilantro, crumbled bacon or melted cheddar.  I love how versatile and healthy it is, yet it tastes creamy and savory.

We are already talking about the holiday season at work.  I have created several brainstorming/planning docs.  Egads.

According to my online check-in history, I was last at the gym on July 3rd.  Not good, though not horrible.

When my site was down for several months there in 2012, I lost most of my Google rankings (as I expected).  I no longer rank #1 for “vuthy”—a male swimwear company now does!

Uncured bacon < cured bacon.

I expected a lot of laughs from Zack and Miri Make a Porno.  I laughed at something Justin Long’s character said, and that was it.  The movie was painful to watch.

Going to the Dodgers – Red Sox game Saturday!!

Alright, this should hold me over for a bit.  Time to join Jake in bed!