Invisible Delivery Carriers and Notices

I’ve been ordering from Amazon a lot this holiday season.  As a Prime member, a lot of my items ship for free* with guaranteed 2-day delivery.  I’m fairly new to Prime and have been impressed by how quickly they get my items processed, packed, shipped and delivered.  Super fast delivery has been one of the main goals of Amazon and I’m sure they put a lot of pressure on their vendors to make sure timetables are met.

Twice over this past week, two items I had ordered were not delivered within the 2-day window.  It wasn’t Amazon’s fault—they gave it to the shipper very quickly.  Both times have been service failures from the mail carriers.  However, I suppose to avoid the wrath of Amazon, the carriers made it seem like it was my fault.  The tracking updates for a FedEx package last week and a USPS package today both updated to say that a delivery was attempted and a notice was left.  Each time, I was home when the supposed delivery was attempted, sitting near my front door (I have a tiny place) and there was no notice left and no delivery attempt.  Also, FedEx and the USPS (and UPS) almost always just leave my packages at my door if I’m not home.  Since they never really came by though, there was no way they could do that.

Neither packages were urgent and it doesn’t matter if I get it a day later, but it irks me that they’re just lying about it.  I know that a delivery was not attempted unless they’re now using invisible, silent mail carriers and notices.  It’s a lie, and what they’re really doing, is lying to Amazon to avoid a mark against them.  I wonder how often this happens, and if Amazon is paying attention.  I would be livid if I had been waiting for an important package, but I’m just a bit annoyed.  The geek that I am, I was looking forward to experiencing the new Sunday delivery offered by the Amazon and USPS partnership.  Looks like there’s still some kinks to be worked out.

Update:  Amazon had tried to send me more than one package today.  Two hours after I wrote this blog entry, while I was sitting about 3 feet away from my front door, another delivery was “attempted” and another “notice was left.”  Of course, it was another invisible mail carrier and another invisible notice.  I know they have the correct address, they just have overwhelmed and/or lazy drivers.  I did some Googling online and have seen some funny and infuriating stories of people experiencing the same thing. Sometimes, the carrier doesn’t want to actually do any carrying of packages, so they actually just go out with notices and stick them on doors then run away hoping that in the end the recipient will just go and pick them up.  Whoever was supposed to work my route today didn’t even do that part.

*It’s not really free since Prime costs around $80 or so a year.